Jessica Riverson, The Priestess CEO

How to Expand Into Your Feminine & Open Your channel to Receive!

(even if you've been in the toxic masculine for years!)

In this 90-min Experience I'm sharing my Juiciest Feminine Energy Lessons:

  • How to embrace your soft feminine side without fear (even if you feel like you have to stay more masculine to succeed).
  • How to reclaim the deepest parts of yourself that have been left and hung out to dry.
  • How to stop being depleted by the work-a-holic mentality of the toxic masculine energy (even if you're afraid you won't get results if you stop grinding)
  • How to open yourself to receive WAY more money, love and abundance
Yes, I want to open to receive!

Meet your Guide

Jessica Riverson, The Priestess CEO Goddess is known in the online coaching industry as the founder of the international coaching brand Permission to Charge® where she and her team help female experts and coaches to confidently price, package and sell their expertise from 10K to 100K using leveraged, scalable business models. 

In less than 5 years she’s scaled up her 1:1 coaching practice to a leveraged model, retired her husband from corporate to work in the business, built a team and created the Academy, The Expansion Mastermind and a host of other programs serving women in coaching.
But she quickly outgrew being the "Permission to Charge Lady" and now is better known among her premiere clients as a conduit for allowing them to open their channel to serve and receive at their highest level.  

She teaches coaches how to step into what she calls their “Feminine Energy CEO” and create highly successful businesses on their own terms---by mixing soul AND strategy.

And while she shows her clients how to create unthinkable amounts of money each month, what she truly does is enable them to access a space of infinite possibility within themselves—where there’s no excuses, no apologies and no shrinking to fit other’s ideals. 

In this space is where women fully give themselves permission to charge and permission to receive—BIG

Jessica is a certified Money Breakthrough coach and also Certified in Priestess work, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, and energy healing. She runs The Priestess in You Certification and Luxury Retreats as well as 1:1 VIP Days. You can reach her at support

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